Without capital to undertake? Achieve it with an easy and fast loan of up to Q80,000.



One of the best decisions you can make to achieve financial stability is to start your own business. Being your own boss not only gives you freedom in your schedules and decisions but also has many benefits for your pocket like: job stability , financial independence and of course, the ability to increase your income.

Your own business definitely sounds like the best job option, so what stops so many people from making it possible? Most of the time you don’t have the necessary income to start it or rather, don’t take advantage of the financial options that are at hand. As an example, an easy and fast loan gives you the help you need to make your business a reality.

At Good Finance we want your dreams to have no limits, so we support you with a credit of up to Q80,000, with incredible benefits that help you take care of your budget. Keep reading to get to know each one of them.

Benefits to acquire capital to undertake

An uncomplicated credit

An uncomplicated credit

Forget about long lines and endless paperwork! You can start the process of your loan from our online form, WhatsApp or by phone. In addition to other companies, you only need basic requirements and best of all: Once approved, your credit can be activated in 48 hours!

Customized fees

It is important that you choose a loan that allows you to take care of your budget while you grow your business. In Lohengrin your financial situation to give you fees that you can pay. Best of all, you build a good credit record that will make it easier for you to acquire more money for your future projects!

To keep your financial life in order, there is nothing better than privacy. Or you have the confidence of obtaining a credit that believes in you and your projects.

Safe and transparent


One of the most important things when acquiring a loan to start your business, is to be sure that the financial entity that provides it is responsible. With Lohengrin you get better options than others in the market by being a solid company that gives you transparent conditions.

Freedom to choose your payment term

Freedom to choose your payment term

With Lohengrin you choose! Accelerate the pace of your business and your financial goals by choosing the payment term that best suits your needs: 12, 24 or 48 months.

Obtaining financial stability and incredible benefits is possible! Throughout this year we will be rewarding your timely payment with the Good Finance benefit of up to Q15,000. Remember that every month there will be prizes!


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