Credit Rating | The Impact of the Personal Payday Loan on the Credit Rating

An individual’s credit rating is the client’s risk assessment. It then designates a set of financial tools that automatically assess the solvency of an individual, as well as the risk of non-repayment of loans. For a state, an organization or a company, it is more commonly called a financial rating.

Faxines and TransCred calculate your credit rating in Canada

Equifax and TransUnion calculate your credit rating in Canada

In Canada, the credit rating is calculated by Faxines and TransCred. These are information centers to which your creditors transmit their data on your credit habits. Even if your consent is still required, they testify to your ability to use credit instruments responsibly.

Credit rating, avoid too many requests

Credit rating, avoid too many requests

Each new credit application lowers your credit rating. Indeed, every time a lender checks your credit report, he will leave a trace in your file that will lower your credit rating.

However, if you are shopping for a mortgage or car loan, requests made within 2 weeks are grouped under one application. Which affects your score less. In summary, a personal payday loan does have an impact on an individual’s credit rating. To limit this negative effect, however, it is sufficient to consolidate several loans under a single loan made at one time. It is indeed the repetition of credit applications that is expensive in the credit rating and not the loan amount.

To avoid losing points in your credit rating, you can also make a personal payday loan without a credit check. This is one of the many forms of loan that you can choose.

How to keep a good credit score?

How to keep a good credit score?

Other methods can help you maintain your credit rating at a good level while making a personal payday loan.

Avoid late payments

Accumulating regular delays in your invoices, especially for 60 days or more, negatively affects your risk assessment. Banks do not like to lend to someone who can not pay on a regular basis. So always try to pay your accounts before the due date.

Limit the opening of new accounts

Although it is good to have a variety of credit tools (credit card and a line of credit for example), it is best not to open multiple accounts for the same type of credit. For your credit rating, it is better to have only one credit card.

Keep your old credit accounts open

The older your credit account is, the more it has a positive impact on your credit rating. The history of these accounts demonstrates your ability to pay and how you repay.

Lower your balance on your credit cards and lines of credit significantly.

If your balance is more than 50% of the limit, your score will be penalized. On the other hand, going down below 30% of the limit will significantly increase your credit rating.

In finance, it is often said that banks lend only to those who do not need money. Follow these tips as they will help you make a good impression on your credit report and improve your chances of borrowing. A personal payday loan certainly impacts your credit rating, but following the tips above will give you greater freedom of borrowing and make it easier for you to manage your personal finances.


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