Credit with completed Credit bureau entry.

The Credit bureau often decides whether a loan can be taken or not. A loan with completed Credit bureau entry is therefore quite frequently requested.

But what is a loan with completed Credit bureau entry? And how does it work?

When the Credit bureau becomes an obstacle

When the Credit bureau becomes an obstacle

Most consumers are already annoyed when they already hear the word “Credit bureau”. The reputation associated with this institution is less good. Credit with completed Credit bureau entry.

Often the Credit bureau is a major obstacle and does not allow spontaneous financial decisions. Because there are negative entries to the consumer in the Credit bureau, the conclusion of contracts is extremely difficult.

This does not only apply to telephone contracts or contracts with insurance companies and suppliers. Even loans can not be easily absorbed.

Similarly, it is difficult to make installment payment agreements with dealers.

A completed Credit bureau entry – what is behind it?

A completed Credit bureau entry - what is behind it?

Now, with negative entries in the Credit bureau, a distinction must always be made between completed and outstanding entries. An unsuccessful negative entry indicates that the person concerned is currently in debt to a company of any kind.

He can not settle these or he has not yet paid in full. Both unfavorable when a loan is to be taken.

However, it is much easier to make a loan with a completed Credit bureau entry than a loan where the negative entry is not yet settled. A completed entry is namely marked accordingly.

And if the lending institution bothers to study the borrower’s Credit bureau exactly, this small difference will also be noticeable.

Credit with completed Credit bureau entry – the task

Credit with completed Credit bureau entry - the task

Since you as a borrower should not rely on the bank, it is your job to point out the small difference. Only if you actively support the acceptance of a loan with a completed Credit bureau entry, you will be able to put it into action.

Therefore, contact the bank, which should grant you the loan with a completed Credit bureau entry. You can do this with an online loan as well as with a loan that you take on-site. Explain your situation and show the bank that your debts are a thing of the past.

With sufficient collateral then a borrowing will be possible.

Credit with completed Credit bureau entry – the comparison

Credit with completed Credit bureau entry - the comparison

However, before you can contact a bank, you should make a comparison. Do not be blinded by any offers, but always look for the perfect offer.

Our comparison calculator shows up-to-date loan offers that fit your project. Enter the desired loan amount, the purpose and the desired term.

Based on these few parables the best offers are worked out. You can then compare them in peace with each other.

Pay attention to the product details in your comparison. These show you which conditions the lender attaches to the lending.

Especially with a loan with completed Credit bureau entry can be looked so good, which offer would be generally in question. Once you have made your selection, just click on the corresponding offer.

The comparison calculator will connect you to the sponsoring institution. You can then submit the loan application.

Credit with completed Credit bureau entry – the recording

Credit with completed Credit bureau entry - the recording

Prepare the credit entry with the Credit bureau entry completed. Provide all required documents and check their completeness.

You definitely need your identity card or passport, proof of income and bank statements. Depending on the bank and depending on the creditworthiness, additional documents may be necessary.

Complete the loan application completely and truthfully. All information must be able to be substantiated by the documents afterwards.

Cheating is not worth it. For quick processing, you should also provide a phone number.

If you have questions, the bank can contact you directly and does not have to write an e-mail or a letter. In general, you can assume that complete loan applications are processed within a few days.

The payment of the money will be made after your account. If you are looking for an offer with cash payment, you should consider this already in your selection.

Not every bank offers a cash payment. Therefore, make sure that a corresponding note is found in the product details.

5 tips for recording

5 tips for recording

A loan with completed Credit bureau entry is not a matter of course. Even if you like to accept this. Because even if the negative entry in the Credit bureau is already done, it does not mean that this is done for the banking houses.

He is still noted in the documents and radiates his negative power. For you as a borrower, it is therefore important to distract from the entry and to prepare optimally for borrowing.


Tips on Home Financing.

No more rent to pay, an investment for your own children leave behind or create your own safe retirement – more than half of Germans dream of home. The way there leads either through the purchase of an existing property or the new building. In both cases, the bank is an important partner in financing.

At the beginning is the budget planning

At the beginning is the budget planning

If the decision has been made in favor of a home, at the very beginning there is the question of what one can even afford. The answer to this is closely linked to the monthly budget, because it depends on how much funding can be spent in 20 or 30 years time.

Decisive questions in budget planning are:

  • Which costs are regularly incurred for the standard of living?
  • Are there any other loans that need to be paid monthly?
  • What expenses are incurred for leisure activities?
  • Which revenues are compared to the monthly costs?
  • What career changes can arise and how is it about family planning?
  • What would be the monthly additional costs and building insurance for a new building or an existing property?
  • What is the reserve for repairs?

After deducting all running costs, a net sum remains, which can be spent monthly as a repayment installment for a new building. However, the extrapolation over the credit period does not give the net amount for building a house.

The purchase price is not everything

The pure purchase price is just one aspect of the cost. A big item is also the additional costs – both the classic and notary, land register entry, land transfer tax and brokers, which already make up to 15 percent of the purchase price, as well as less obvious costs:

  • For existing real estate costs for an appraiser. A specialist can make a valuable contribution to examining the building fabric for defects. This will save you a lot of trouble and repair costs later on in case of doubt. The cost for an expert is between 50 and 200 USD per hour.
  • With a move to the home is often the desire for something new. In addition, the own four walls usually offer more space. The result: The purchase of new furniture is on the plan, perhaps in the existing property new parquet be laid or the bathroom gets new fixtures and Co. The purchase of new parts of the interior costs money, which should be planned.
  • In addition to the interior furnishings, the necessary expenditures for renovation and renovation go into existing real estate. Their height depends largely on the size of the property and the age of the property, but it can come together a considerable sum.
  • Banks may charge interest for the time a loan is granted and made available to the borrower but not yet used. These deployment rates are also scheduled and fall in particular for new buildings according to the construction progress. Some institutes offer a non-provisioning time here.

Architect or builder?

Especially in a new building, the question arises about the planning implementation. The client can choose between the classic architect and a developer who does not necessarily have to differ in costs. A comparison is worthwhile.

The decision for one or the other offers specific advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of planning by architects Disadvantages of planning by architects
· The individual wishes of the client can be implemented.


· The architect leads the construction and takes over the coordination of the individual trades.

· Offer preparation and comparison as well as the control of the implementation of the agreed services are in the hands of the architect.

· The liability lies with the client, the architect is initially liable only for the planning.


· A single contract is concluded with each trade.

· The architect’s fee accounts for about 10% of the construction costs. If the construction becomes more expensive at the end, the fee (fee HOAI) usually rises.

Advantages of planning by developers Disadvantages of planning by developers
· The development of the property has already taken place or will be taken over by the property developer.


· A standard construction reduces the construction costs.

· The property developer is the sole contact person of the future buyer and at the same time assumes the liability for the trades.

· Payment is made in installments only for services provided.

· The standard construction leaves little room for individual wishes.


· In the case of construction defects, the way goes through the developer, because the buyer is not the builder.

Budget equity

In terms of lending, the amount of available equity usually also plays a role. This reduces the cost of the real estate loan, the loan amount goes down and the accrued interest rates too.

For equity: 20 percent is the minimum. It is better, however, to be able to meet 30 or 40 percent of the financing amount from their own resources. In addition to cash balances and savings accounts, these include cash deposits on overnight and term money accounts, shares and funds as well as home loan and rental income from other real estate.

It is especially important not to put all the available equity capital into the financing, but to retain a part of the financial resources in order to be able to counteract financial bottlenecks and cost increases.

The right loan for house financing

The right loan for house financing

It is only clear that you need outside capital for the home purchase. But the real estate loan offers numerous options with regard to payout and repayment. So it makes sense, even before the appointment with the bank consultant to be clear about how the credit agreement should be designed.


The annuity loan is the classic loan for real estate financing. Here, the monthly rate remains the same over the agreed period of fixed interest, whereby the interest and the repayment installments change within this sum.

A disadvantage of this form of loan: If the general interest rates in the lending fall, the borrower does not profit from it, but remains bound to the agreements.

In the case of an early repayment of the loan amount, an early repayment penalty usually accrues, with which the bank demands compensation for the lost interest payments. Under certain circumstances, however, this may be waived ten years after full payment of the loan amount in accordance with § 489 BGB.

After the end of the fixed interest period – usually a period of ten to fifteen years – the borrower can either arrange a follow-on financing with the bank or replace the loan and change the bank. It’s worth it if there are more favorable terms with another bank.

Fully amortizing loan

The repayment loan is a special form of annuity loan, in which the principal has repaid the entire loan amount at the end of the term. Advantages arise here accordingly from the planability by the fixed duration and monthly load.

The disadvantage: Firstly, the right to special repayments and repayment pauses in this form is usually eliminated. On the other hand, the duration is drastically reduced, so that the monthly installments are higher than with the classic annuity loan. Thus, the repayment loan is only suitable for people with a high and secure income.

Variable loan

The variable loan does not fix a fixed interest rate. Instead, interest rates are adjusted every three months. For the client, this offers the advantage that termination can take place at any time, without a prepayment penalty being incurred.

If interest rates are particularly favorable, the loan can be converted into a classic annuity loan. Conversely, however, there is also the risk that the monthly installment will increase with rising interest rates – but this can be capped by the special form of the cap loan, where an upper limit prevents interest rates from increasing immeasurably.

The loan is therefore less suitable for long-term mortgage lending, but is suitable for short-term financing.

Subsidized loans

State subsidies allow builders to receive subsidies from the state, thereby reducing their own construction costs. This can be done in different ways:

  • Intrasavings bank subsidy programs : The Intrasavings bank supports builders with subsidized construction loans in the form of interest subsidies and repayment subsidies. Grants are also available for modernization that contributes to improving the energy balance. The application for the funds and the credit processing takes place exclusively via a bank.
  • Housing – Halsteri : Through a so-called Halsteri loan or a combination of Bauspar contract and loans, the state helps builders to pay off loans faster with the help of allowances and tax relief. The application for the use of the money is made via the Central Admission Office for Old Age Assets.
  • Countries and municipalities often help builders with cheap building credits and building plots. For this one must be already resident in the appropriate federal state. The amount of the grants is re-awarded each year, so that the time of the application determines the success – “first come, first serve” principle.

Financing without equity

Financing without equity


Partly popular is the full financing, without own capital is available. For the bank, this means increased risk, so interest rates are generally higher than for equity. As a result, the longer maturities and higher monthly burdens are disadvantages of full financing. At the same time, one’s own financial risk increases.

Due to the risk of the bank, not every bank offers the possibility of full financing. But even then, there is an intensive review of the creditworthiness of potential borrowers. In any case, this is just as essential as a high regular income


Credit for horse – really in 3 days on the account.

Not only little girls love horses, even adults fulfill a long-cherished wish with the acquisition of a horse. Often the purchase is only possible with the help of a loan for horses.

Because the four-legged friends are very expensive and bring in addition to the cost of the pure acquisition also various additional costs.

Horses are an expensive pleasure

Horses are an expensive pleasure

“The highest happiness of the earth lies on the back of the horses.” A popular saying, when the love for a horse and equestrian sport is to be described.

Horses are considered majestic animals. They have a very special charisma, appear noble and are very loyal.

Due to their size, however, they are also quite expensive to maintain. In addition, you can not just keep them in the apartment, such as a dog or a cat.

If you want to get a horse, you have to be able to afford it. For children, horse sponsorships are often taken.

The children share a horse with other children, so the costs are not that high. However, if you want to buy your own horse, good financing must be provided.

At the same time, credit for horses should not only be thought of as a mere acquisition value.

How much is a horse?

How much is a horse?

Depending on what type of horse you want, the costs can vary quite a bit. A foal without special papers is already available from 500 USD.

However, if it is a sport horse, with which tournaments are to be played, 20,000 USD and more are not uncommon. The most expensive horse in the world has cost 64 million dollars.

A lot of money, which is only taken in hand, if it is a really valuable animal. But the cost of the purchase is not the only cost that may be covered by the horse loan.

In addition there are costs for the transport, the stable, the food, the vet, the insurance and much more. Therefore, it should be calculated very precisely before borrowing, how much money is really needed.

In fact, additional items can not easily be contested in parallel.

Credit for horse – the admission

Credit for horse - the admission

A loan for a horse should only be taken as earmarked loan if the horse has a certain “value” as a sport horse. Pure grazing horses or riding horses without meaningful papers are no guarantee for the banks.

In such animals, it is advisable to use a simple installment loan to get the desired loan amount. With the help of our loan calculator it can be seen which offers are currently available on the credit market.

It is recommended to compare different offers. Not only the effective interest rate and the maturity are interesting.

Also the conditions for the repayment should be considered exactly. A horse does not make a profit. At least not if it is not a tournament horse, where premiums can be expected.

Therefore, the loan flows into an acquisition, which has to be paid on the side. The credit rates should therefore not be overstated and optimally fit the life of the borrower.

On top of that, it would be important to be able to make special repayments and a premature repayment of the loan for horses.

The requirements for borrowing

The requirements for borrowing

Even if the desire for a horse is very strong – it can only be pursued if the borrower has a decent credit rating. There’s no point in taking out the loan without insurance.

Then the horse may have to be repelled faster than the owner is right. Therefore, a good basis for borrowing should always be created so that animal enjoyment can last for a long time.

A good basis is given if there is a positive Credit bureau and a fixed and high income. In addition, the animal should be insured. In addition to animal liability insurance is always worth a health insurance in order to optimally absorb high veterinary costs.


Can you borrow money to book your vacation?

Going on vacation is good for us. We are happier, healthier, more relaxed, more energetic and more satisfied than if we just stay home. So it’s time to book. But what about your budget? What if you have not saved and do not have a financial buffer? Can you actually borrow money to book your vacation? And is that wise?

The question of whether a holiday loan is sensible will be answered differently by everyone. It is usually recommended to take out a loan only if there is a real investment in return, such as the purchase or renovation of a home. But what if you really need a break? Then borrowing for a vacation can be interesting. Some lenders even promote the holiday loan. Usually in the form of a personal loan.

Possible formulas

Possible formulas

A personal loan (or installment loan) is the most frequent and cheapest form. Everything is determined in advance: the loan amount, the interest, the duration and the amount that you have to pay back. After approval, the amount is simply deposited into your account.

A revolving credit is a second but more expensive option. The interest rate is variable but will be higher than with a personal loan. You must repay the loan at agreed times in accordance with the conditions, but you can use the credit again afterwards. It is therefore a money reserve that you can keep available. Withdrawing the full credit is also not mandatory.

A third option is the credit card. A credit card offers you a certain credit limit every month. In other words: you can spend a little more money if you just want to buy that one product. Or book that dream trip. A credit card is therefore an extra financial buffer, adjusted to your personal situation. You can also use a credit card as a normal bank card. You can therefore use it to withdraw money (also abroad) and make payments in both physical stores and on the internet.

A few tips

A few tips

Make sure you calculate how much extra money you need in advance. That way you can avoid borrowing too much. Opt for opting not to take out a loan but to save enough for your holiday in advance. Need a loan anyway? Then look specifically for ‘holiday loans’ and try to save interest in this way.

Compare as always with different providers. This is best done online. This not only saves you a lot of time but can also be 24 out of 7.

There are various options for calculating on the internet how much you can borrow in your situation. For this you need certain data, such as your income per month, your expenses per month, what you pay in rent and whether you already have another loan. Once you have entered this, you will receive an amount that you could borrow monthly or in total.

Other comparison sites make it possible to compare all the conditions of different lenders so that you can see at a glance what would be the most favorable.


The payday loan has a fixed term and a fixed interest rate

Payday loan

Personal loan

When borrowing money you have the choice between a revolving credit or a payday loan. The most important difference between the two loans is that a payday loan has a fixed term and a fixed interest rate. You receive the loan in one go to your bank account, after which you pay off the same amount every month, regardless of interest rates. Withdrawing extra money is not possible. The payday loan is a great choice if you want to know exactly what the credit will cost you.

Interest deduction for renovations

Interest deduction for renovations

Another advantage of the payday loan is that you can deduct the interest if the loan is used for a renovation of your first owner-occupied home. The home must be your main residence. No financing interest can be deducted for a holiday home (as a second home). The money may also not be used to furnish the house.

Apply for a loan

Apply for a loan

Your free request for a payday loan will be sent to various lenders. Although the exact loan amount depends on your personal situation, this is usually between € 2,500 and € 75,000. Within 24 hours you will receive quotes from various internet banks in an overview. The bank pays the loan into your bank account in one go.

Borrowing in the Netherlands

Borrowing in the Netherlands

According to a Survey by Goview, more than 30 billion euros had been lent. The majority was in red (43%) followed by revolving credit (37%). payday loans (11%), credit cards (7%) and mail order credit (2%) are at a considerable distance. A payday loan is the largest with an average of € 8,672. This is because this type of loan often finances a car. 91,000 payday loans were granted in 2013. Car dealers provided 45% of these loans.

They lend more than the financing companies. The share of ordinary banks has fallen considerably to 13,000 loans. The car dealers are more expensive with their loans than the finance companies. The brand of the car also plays a role. A Fiat dealer calculated the cheapest interest with 6.9%. The most expensive were the dealers of Peugeot and Citroen with 10.4%.


The mortgage loan: money with mortgage guarantee

We usually talk about mortgage as if we knew the term perfectly. And yet the mortgage and the mortgage loan are not exactly the same. If you are looking for a loan to buy your house, with the real mortgage guarantee of the property, fill out our contact form, without obligation, and a real estate credit intermediary will analyze the possibilities you have of getting financing:

The mortgage: a real right

The mortgage: a real right

The mortgage is a real guarantee right; there are mortgages on real estate (which we usually refer to), but there are also mortgages on movable property. This real right is constituted on the good and, in the case of real estate, it is reflected as a charge in the Property Registry. The holder of the real mortgage right can urge the foreclosure of the good, the forced sale at auction, if the agreed obligation is not fulfilled (usually the payment of a credit or loan).

In other words, the mortgage is a way of guaranteeing the bank that will collect the loan that has been granted to us, granting it a fast and privileged collection form, the foreclosure. Until Law 1/2013 this procedure was so severe that, even in the case of abusive clauses, could it be paralyzed. With the new law, some powers were given to the Judge to stop the execution.

Later, the application of community regulations on abusive clauses to consumers interpreted by the Court of Justice of the European Union, was expanding the ability of national judges to analyze the possible abuse of the clauses incorporated in mortgage loan agreements.

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

The mortgage loan is a loan granted by a financial entity (although it is perfectly possible for an individual or company to grant it), whose guarantee of return is the mortgage on a real estate, in addition to the rest of the present and future assets of the mortgage debtor and sureties. The expert collaborators of Futur Finances can help you get the best mortgage loan, according to your economic possibilities and needs to be financed (sale, debt reunification, subrogation or liquidity). The loan is a contract whereby the lender (bank) grants a certain monetary amount, in exchange for periodically receiving (usually every month) installments, comprehensive capital and interest.

The most common method of calculation in Spain is the French depreciation or constant installment system, although there are other types such as the increasing quota or the armored quota, among others. In addition to the loan, some entities use the mortgage loan, which consists of authorizing a certain amount to the client, which could be disposed once amortized, with certain conditions and if the bank approves these subsequent provisions. 

The loan is the debt and the mortgage guarantees

The loan is the debt and the mortgage guarantees

It is very important to be clear that the debt is answered not only with housing, but also with the rest of assets. The payment date in Spain is legal but must be explicitly stated in the mortgage loan deed, which occurs in very few cases. Therefore, if we cannot pay the loan and the bank auctions our house, it may not be enough to cancel the debt and we will be left homeless and in debt.

At the moment and until there is any change in the mortgage regulations, if there is one, the financial entity that auctions the habitual house can be awarded at 60% of its value and continue claiming the rest of the debt. Unfair but legal; lose home and stay in debt. Therefore, let’s be very cautious when applying for a mortgage loan.

Mortgage borrowing to acquire a home is something very serious, probably the most important financial decision of a family. You have to make this crucial debt decision with information, independent advice and a lot of responsibility.